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Guidelines, Content and Samples

The resume is a focused summary of the qualifications, skills and background that you have to offer a potential employer. It is an accomplishment-oriented document. A resume forms the first impression an employer will have of you and represents you in your absence. The primary purpose of a resume is to obtain an interview.

  • Brief and easy to read.
  • Highlight unique skills.
  • Concise action phrases using action verbs rather than complete sentences.
  • For scanned resumes, use keywords; be specific in naming skills; avoid lines, graphics, columns and italic type.
  • Avoid use of personal pronouns.
  • Well-organized headings and presentation that encourage the reader's attention.
  • Boldface type, italic type or capitalization used very selectively to highlight important parts of your resume (e.g. your name, major, position titles). Remember that what you highlight is what you especially want an employer to read; don't overdo a good thing. Too much highlighting can be confusing.
  • Balanced use of blank space and margins.
  • Rough draft critiqued by a Career Counselor or other knowledgeable person. Resume must be perfect with no spelling, typing, or grammatical errors.
  • One (preferably) or two pages. Use a laser printer for quality results. Dot matrix not acceptable. Print on one side only.
  • Duplicate at a printer or professional copy center. Select good quality 8 1/2 x 11 paper in off-white, beige, gray or other business-like color.