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Area Employers Strategies


  • Teaching

  • Research

  • Administration

Universities/colleges/community colleges,

University research institutes or laboratories,

Campus museums

Ph.D. required for university and college faculty positions. M.A./M.S. required for community colleges. Earn a graduate degree in College Student Affairs for work in administration. Gain experience assisting professors with research. Maintain a high g.p.a and develop strong personal recommendations.

Museums and Archives

  • Management

  • Curatorship

  • Conservation

  • Research

  • Education

  • Libraries

  • Development

Natural History or History Museums: Universities, State, federal or local, Private


Graduate degree in anthropology, museum studies, library science (with an emphasis on archives) or other related discipline is required. Obtain internship or volunteer positions to gain experience.


  • Administration

  • Cultural resource Management

  • Surveying

  • Site Management

  • excavation

  • Research

  • Museum Conservation

  • Legislative Compliance Review

  • Program management and Evaluation

  • Policy Analysis

  • Urban Planning

Federal Agencies:

Bureau of Indian Affairs, 

Bureau of Land Management,

Central Intelligence Agency,

Department of Health and Human Services,

Department of Housing and Urban Development,

Federal Bureau of Investigation,

National Institutes of Health,

National Park Service,

Public Health Service,

Smithsonian Institute,

Tennessee Valley Authority,

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,

U.S. Department of State,

U.S. Forest Service,

State Agencies:

Historic Preservation Offices,

Parks Departments,

Highway Departments

Learn federal or state application procedures. Graduate degree generally required for higher level positions. Gain related experience through internships in areas of interest. Develop statistical, analytical and computer skills and investigate research methodologies. Get involved in campus organizations to develop leadership abilities and interpersonal skills.


  • Administration

  • Program management and development

  • Policy Analysis

  • Counseling

  • Research

Nonprofit organizations,

Social service agencies,

Hospitals and medical centers

Private foundations, e.g. The Ford Foundation,

International organizations, e.g. The World Health Organization and The International Red Cross

Seek volunteer and internship positions to gain experience. Hone skills in public speaking, writing, and programming. Obtain a degree in counseling for therapy positions


  • Administration/


  • Advertising

  • Human Resources

  • Public Relations

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Writing/Editing

Advertising agencies/departments,

Business firms,

Consulting firms,

Publishers: textbook, magazine, newspaper, book

Retail stores

Develop practical skills such as computer expertise, written and verbal communication, project management, etc. Earn a minor in business or communications. Gain experience through internships, volunteer or paid positions.


  • Cultural Resource Management

  • Research/Excavation

Consulting firms 

Environmental/engineering companies 

Firms specializing in archaeological investigation

Federal, state and local government

Field positions require a B.S./B.A. and previous field experience.

Obtain graduate degree to direct field crews.

Strategies for Anthopology/Archaeology

  • Most professional anthropological jobs require a graduate degree.
  • Those interested in anthropology may specialize in one of its four branches: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, or physical anthropology.
  • Many subfields exist within the larger specialties such as forensic anthropology, a subfield of physical anthropology.
  • May need a willingness to travel and endure adverse living/working conditions during field studies or excavations. Working conditions and hours vary with the type of work/research performed.
  • As the demand for university/college faculty positions decreases, most openings will be in consulting firms and government agencies.
  • For jobs outside of academia, earn a degree in another field such as sociology, political science, law, medicine, business, urban planning, or public administration to increase employment opportunities.
  • Anthropology is good preparation for jobs that involve people skills and require an understanding of cultural differences.
  • Spend a summer in field school or travel and study other cultures.
  • Volunteer to help with a professor's research.
  • Gaining relevant work experience through internships, practicums, part-time jobs, or volunteer positions is critical.


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