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Become an Extern Sponsor

One way to help students with their professional development is to become an Extern Sponsor.  The extern program is a micro internship, typically over the week of spring break, that allows students to get access to information that is not available to them in the classroom.

Professional Clothing Closet

The Professional Clothing Closet gives students the opportunity to select professional clothing appropriate for attending job fairs and interviews.  We gladly accept timeless pieces of all sizes, preferably purchased in the last five years and appropriate for professional interviewing.

Saluki Unpaid Internship Trust (SUIT) Fund

Students interested in participating in an unpaid internship during Summer 2020 may be eligible for the Unpaid Internship Scholarship. The funds were established to assist students in taking internship opportunities they otherwise could not due to financial restraints.  Please consider donating to this fund as a way to ensure that students get the opportunities that will let them move forward in their professional careers.

How to Write Reference Letters

As students are job or internship searching, many times they include letters of recommendation in their application materials or portfolios.  They may ask faculty to write letters of recommendation for them as faculty may speak to their knowledge, skills, and abilities.


An internship is a part-time or full-time job during the academic year or the summer months in which students receive supervised, practical training in their field of study.  Hosting interns can ensure that students, who will be entering your professional field, understand the realities of the field they have selected to pursue. 

Mock Interview Program

The Career Development Center utilizes InterviewStream to provide our students with a virtual test of their interview skills by providing prerecorded interview questions that they can practice on until they feel comfortable with their answers.  Different questionnaires are created for different fields of study to allow students to practice questions that pertain to jobs that are available for them upon graduation.

Tell us how we can do better!

We strive to provide the best possible service for our Salukis and University Partners.  If you can think of anything that we are doing that could be improved in any way please fill out this quick survey so we can continually provide the best for everyone involved.