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How are the 1st Destination Survey Results Used?

1. Accreditation of the University and Academic Departments – The results are summarized and used for accreditation of Departments, Colleges and the University. When academic departments ask Career Services for “placement data,” we use this information. For graduates, accreditation maintains the value of their degree after graduation.

2. Increase Potential Earnings – Career Services uses salary averages to encourage employers to offer competitive salaries to graduates.

3. Increased Job Opportunities - This information could be used in presentations to the Chamber of Commerce for employers considering corporate relocations to the southern Illinois Area. This means more, well-paying college-level jobs for our graduates!

4. Assist SIUC Students with Career Choices - This helps students see what types of employers and positions are related to their major as well as potential earnings from salary averages.

5. Recruitment - It helps to recruit future students (and their parents) when they can see the value provided by a SIUC education. This information can be used to increase state funding and save student tuition dollars.

8. Media Requests – The media frequently contacts the University for information to use in stories they are reporting. These results help ensure the public gets accurate information.

9. National Surveys/Publications - U.S. News & World Report and similar organizations request data for their publications.